What to Expect for your Fitting Appointment

1. Once the orthotic device have been manufactured the Pedorthist will compare the patient’s foot to the custom made orthoses to ensure it accurately captures the contours of the foot.  

2. The orthoses will then be trimmed and shaped to fit the patient's footwear.

It is important that the orthoses and shoes work together synergistically to control biomechanical function and alleviate pain. An orthotic device that is manufactured for an inappropriate shoe will not provide optimal biomechanical function.  The fit of the device in the shoe is important.

The Pedorthist will be happy to educate you on the orthopedic features and footwear styles that are most appropriate for your foot type.

3. Based on post treatment gait analysis, patient feedback, and our clinical diagnostic tools (Paralogg & S-Plate), adjustments are made as necessary to ensure the device provides optimal function and control.  

The device will then be finished with a final cover layer and the patient will then be given wearing and caring instructions

4. The patient will then settle any outstanding balances for Pedorthic services and the orthotic device, and the administrator will provide a package that includes all necessary paperwork for insurance claim submission (if necessary).  An administrator will be more than happy to help you fill out insurance claim forms if necessary.

A follow-up appointment will then be booked for the patient.  This appointment allows the Pedorthist to determine the level of success of the treatment plan and gives the Pedorthist the opportunity to make adjustments if necessary.