Internal Shoe Modifications:

Changes made to the footbed, inside liner or insole of a shoe


Internal Modification Range  Purpose 
Lift/elevation 12mm max $10-$40 

Heel, 3/4 or full length wedges to accommodate for a leg length difference(LLD) 

Met Pad/Bar $10-$50 

Pads placed on or under the insole to reduce pressure at the metatarsal heads 

Valgus/Varus Wedge -Internal 


Wedging placed under the insole to change the foot angle during weight  

Tongue Pad $10-$20 

A pad place on the under surface of the shoe tongue to create padding and limit heel slipping 

Heel Grip Pad $10-$20 Padding around the heel to reduce heel slipping 
Arch Cookie $10-$50 

A shaped pad positioned under the medical arch to provide support




Upper Shoe Modifications

Changes made to the external upper of a shoe



Upper Modifications Range Purpose 
Ballon Patch $100-$200 A patch placed over a hole made in the upper to alleviate pressure
Stretch $10-$50 Mechanically stretching the upper to alleviate pressure 
Velcro closure $35-$85 Converting a lace to velcro; often done because of a hand or finger dysfunction 


Sole Modifications

Changes made to the midsole or outsole of a shoe

 Sole Modifications  Range Purpose 
 Lift/elevation <12mm$50-$120 

An addition made to the full length sole of one shoe to accommodate for a leg length difference

 Lift/elevation 13-35mm  $70-$150As Above 

Lift/elevation >35mm

 $90-$200 As Above

Heel raise/elevation/replacement


 $35-$80An addition made under the heel only 
Rocker sole B/L $150-$200 

 An addition made to the full length soles (usually of both shoes) to relieve pain in the ball of the foot or to improve gait for patients by 

aiding the heel contact or push off phase of gait. 

 Flare/buttress $45-$150

 A widening of the medial or lateral base of the shoe to strengthen the shoe and reduce distortion. 

 Resole  $60-$175 Replacing a worn or slippery outsole
 Toe slider/shuffle plate $50-$100

 Placing a hard plate under the toe to reduce friction and increase durability when a foot drags 

 External metatarsal bar$50-$120

 A built up on the bottom of the shoe behind the metatarsal heads to reduce the pressure on the metatarsal heads. 

Valgus/varus wedge external


 A wedge added to the midsole of the shoe to change the foot angle during weight bearing. 

 Sole widening/splitting $100-$150

 Cutting and widening a portion of the midsole and outsole to increase the base of support or accommodate a foot deformity 

 Excavation $20-$80

 Removing material from the midsole and insole of a shoe to reduce pressure under a specific area 

 SACH heel  $100-$120

 A wedge of cushioned material added in the midsole under the heel to increase cushioning

 Shank stiffener $60-$120

 A steel or carbom fibre plate inserted into the midsole to stiffen the shank of a shoe. Used to reduce pressure and bending in the forefoot 

 Thomas Heel  $60-$120

 An extension of the medial portion of a low heeled shoe to increase the medial stability of the shoe